Erasmus+ project: Training in Malta

Written by Vaike Raudava.

Within our Erasmus+ mobility project I participated at the course from 1st April to 5th April in Malta. Project № 2018-1-EE01-KA104-046911.

ETI is Malta’s leading in-service Teacher Training provider. They offer a wide range of short intensive courses in CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for local and foreign teachers and others working in the education sector.

The course named “Boost your ICT Skills Technology in the Classroom“. This intensive one-week course is aimed at professionals who would like to develop teaching methods to include technology in the classroom, school or other learning environments.

A wide range of free available technologies is introduced and worked on during the course.

The methodology included taught interactively, with input sessions, collaborative and group project work.

Input sessions are in the form of hands-on workshops and could involve brainstorming, analysis and at times problem-solving.
Sessions help participants set up tools such as Wikis and apply online tools in a scaffolded setting.
I was actively involved in all sessions, to reflect on the tools & activities, inviting discussion with regard to my own knowledge & skills, my approach to teaching today’s students, and on adaptation of the use of  the tools to my teaching & learning situations & contexts.
Exchanged ICT and pedagogical knowledge have encouraged through discussion.
My own English language skills have developed and feedback is given where appropriate.
We were also introduced to appropriate websites related to the further development of our teaching skills & personal professional development.

Malta is a beautiful island. The course has enriched my knowledge and skills. I got to know the culture and beautiful scenery of Malta. I met interesting people.

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